Internet Activity

Being a leading media organization of Turkey, Hürriyet became one of the first newspapers of Turkey carried into Internet environment, with that it launched in 1997. Starting from 2000, went beyond being a publication of the Newspaper Hürriyet, and started to provide service as a news portal which publishes the daily developments 24 hours nonstop. 

Continuing to be leader on digital platform with the innovations it made in mobile and e-newspaper and its power in social media, and having adopted providing opportunity of access to its users from all devices, as a principle, Hürriyet remained among the global leaders of digital media also in the 21st year of its Internet journalism with its monthly visitor and page-view numbers. With the most widely read, shared and talked-about news, continued to be the leader among the media organizations in digital sphere. Also with its digital channels, Hürriyet continued to carry its new generation journalism and digital innovation projects  into effect during 2018.

Having a powerful position in digital publishing,’s number of individual visitors reached in 2019 to 5 million daily and 70 million monthly, and its average daily page-view reached to 40 million. Monthly average number of active users of Hürriyet Mobile application reached to 418 thousand. ​

Hürriyet TV
Being both a video broadcasting portal and the video infrastructure platform of its own, Hürriyet TV produces 1400 videos on average every month. In addition to its Agenda and News contents, Hürriyet TV satisfies any and all needs of the visitors with its entertaining, informative and creative video contents.

Broadcasting in 8 main categories, Hürriyet TV reached to an average monthly video viewing rate of 40 million in 2019 and created a significant audience group. With its special content formats, expert videos, sponsored video broadcasts, hot news contents on the agenda and up-to-date sports videos, Hürriyet TV will continue its mission of being informative, entertaining and useful also in 2020 and diversify its revenue models with its new formats which will appeal to different brands and different areas of interest of the audience.
Having continued its publication life for approximately 20 years, bigpara.comhas been providing service to its users with market data, various technical analyzes and finance and economy news as well as original and high-quality contents from writers who are experts in their area, and increased its number of individual visitors by approximately 45 percent in the past two years.

Having increased its recognition in 2019 by strengthening its brand perception under , Bigpara’s monthly average number of individual visitors has reached to 7 million, and the number of its page-viewing has reached to 46 million. The platform which succeeded in satisfying the needs of its readers with the valuable writers who joined the Bigpara family in 2019, has also completed the preparations of its projects for 2020 which will make a tremendous impact.Bigpara plans to provide its readers with the best end-to-end experience in the 2nd quarter of 2020, which will meet all their needs in relation to both BIST and gold and foreign exchange rates, and it is continuing its efforts in this respect. Bigpara, which plans to enrich its contents with new writers, videos and special articles, is planning to increase its recognition and revenues in 2020 compared to the previous years, by gaining more new readers.
Hürriyet Aile (Hürriyet Family), which is a complete family portal with its original contents it provides in relation to pregnancy period, mother and baby health, and child development and psychology, makes a difference with its powerful writers team consisting of names who are experts in their area. It provides contents on any matter touching upon family life from a to z, focusing on woman, mother and baby health, from general health issues to psychology, from nutrition to exercise, from sexual health to adolescence, and from baby and child foods to recommendations that make life easier. 2020 target of Hürriyet Aile is to reinforce its brand image, to take part in sponsored projects by prioritizing the expectations of readers, and to continue its publications without compromising on its content quality while increasing its target audience.
The first women portal of Turkey, appeals to its reader group with its expert writers team on many different issues with its content extending from fashion to good life, from beauty and care to decoration, and from astrology to nutrition and diet.  Just like in 2019, will continue its publications with a women-focus, its original contents, and sponsored projects, also in 2020 with its renewed face. Among its targets for 2020 are increasing interaction with the reader, addressing broader audiences, and continuing a useful, informative and entertaining publication strategy in the triangle of Brand-Channel-Reader.
Hü has ceased its operations in the first quarter of 2019, and it continues its works under Automobile, which is a sub-category of has been managed by Economy and Automotive Editors Burak Taşçı and Kübra Genç since 2019. With its new publication policy, it publishes news intended for a target audience interested in the automotive sector, with its video contents, photo gallery and automobile tests. A monthly average of 6 million viewing is achieved. It is among the most clicked automobile categories of Turkey and aimed to be the biggest in its area. is the first market place of Turkey which unites applicants with companies. By continuously modernizing itself in the area of employment technologies over 20 years, it ensures that both applicants and companies set themselves apart in the employment processes. In addition to digital employer brand consultancy, it also provides services to companies in the areas such as digital marketing services and employee candidates process management.


Being included in the group purchasing category of the e-trade field, and defined, in general, as an “opportunity site / discount site / coupon site”, both allows individual users to live their social life under more economic conditions, and provides “online advertisement and direct sales” opportunity to those local-global companies which it cooperates with, in increasing their recognition and revenues.

Turkey-wide and city-based opportunities of consist of many elements and sub-categories such as domestic-abroad holiday packages, city hotels, restaurants, spas, beauty centers, entertainment venues, events on theater-cinema-concert basis, courses, activities embellishing the life, various technological and need-based products, means of transport (sea bus, seaplane, helicopter and intercity bus services) and car rental services., which follows the international trends on digital platforms, ensures its technological compatibility simultaneously with the developments, for reliable, fast and easy shopping. Having always kept up-to-date with its desktop-mobile views and Android-iOS applications, has achieved the value it has created from 2010 up to date by continuously increasing it.

In addition to all its technological activities aimed at sales, reflects a sensible service mentality for answering questions and resolving problems in terms of satisfaction of users, by using telephone, website live support, e-mail, and social media channels. According to 2019 data, published 6.186 new opportunities (cooperation – sales contract), made more than 247.000 coupon sales, and gained 120.000 new subscribers (users).