Foreing Operations

Having been carrying on business also in Europe with the publication center and printing facility established in Mörfelden-Walldorf, which is in the vicinity of the city of Frankfurt of the Federal Republic of Germany, Hürriyet united with its readers in Germany in 1960s, a while after the first labor migration to Europe started. The newspapers which were brought to Munich by plane, have been transported and distributed from here to the regions where Turks were living extensively. Upon the increase in Turkish population and after those who came as guest workers have started to settle in Germany, it was decided to produce the newspaper at a printing house in Germany. On April 17, 1969, Hürriyet was started to be published in Munich and made available to the readers by being sent to the newspaper and magazine dealers particularly in Germany, and also in various Western European countries.

From those years onwards, Hürriyet, through its European editions, has been the longest-running Turkish newspaper which provided uninterrupted service to Turkish citizens and people of Turkish origin living in Europe, and it is offered for sale at around 8 thousand sales points throughout Germany and at 10 thousand sales points in total together with the other European countries.

The newspaper reinforces its services in Turkish language on the website of the main newspaper, on the sub page “”. This page contains news that appeal to everyone living in Europe and speaking Turkish. With this high level of reach which was attained by printed newspapers and the Internet, Hürriyet maintains its superiority in impartial news and interpretation in Europe. With its experienced journalists in its office in the Capital City Berlin and reporters of Demirören Haber Ajansı in various cities, Hürriyet continues to take the pulse of news in Europe for many years.
Hürriyet, which is the most powerful newspaper of Turkey, maintains its publishing and advertisement practices in Europe under the umbrella of Demirören Media International GmbH which carries on business as Demirören Medya Group’s window to Europe. By expanding its area of activity in digital journalism with the news website “” in German, the Company has aimed to reach those new generation Turks and Turkish-origin people living in Europe in those countries where German is spoken and who express themselves better in German language, as well as Germans. The editorial staff at the head office of the news website process the reports and photos of the reporters of the group’s news agency and of international agencies such as Deutsche Presse Agentur and inform the readers of the website of the news from the world of politics, economy, magazine, medicine, science/technique and sports from Turkey and Germany, and of course, from around Europe and the world.
Being the most renowned Turkish media brand in Germany, Hürriyet also pioneers in the area of corporate social responsibility with the social campaigns it organizes jointly with non-governmental organizations such as Turkish-German Health Foundation and German Foundation of Compliance. It gives support to various projects including in particular in education, health and sports; cultural events such as Frankfurt Film Festival and Turkish Theater Festival, and youth-related projects of Frankfurt Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey and associations such as Germany Turkish Community or Hessen Turkish Community.

On the other hand, the printing facility which prints approximately 30 publications in four different alphabets and seven different languages, is carrying on business as the Germany Branch of Hürriyet. Ensuring short printing intervals with its machine park structure using single-width spool, this facility is ideal for international and ethnic publications with low and mid-size circulation.

In the facility where each of the three printing machines can make 24 pages of colored production and has the capacity to include 6 supplements in the master newspaper; the editions  of the English international daily economy newspaper “The Financial Times”, prepared for Germany and countries in its vicinity; the Ren/Main Region and Frankfurt City Center circulations of German “Bild”, the most-read newspaper of Europe from Axel Springer Printing House; Continental Europe editions of the American publications “USA Today” and “Stars&Stripes”; “Sportwelt” which sets the agenda for German horse-riding sports;  “Asharq Al-Awsat” from Arabian world; Western Europe publications of “Sözcü”, “Sabah” and “Milli Gazete”from our country, as well as the global edition of “China Daily” from China in English are also printed in addition to the “Newspaper Hürriyet”.

“Bild am Sonntag”, “Welt am Sonntag” and “Welt am Sonntag kompakt” from Germany, “Info&Tips” from Poland, “Express” from Japan in German, Chinese representatives “China Weekly” in English, “Chinesische Handelszeitung” in Chinese, “Global Times” in Chinese/English, “Mega Crossword”, free publications “Trigonal”, “Hayat” and “Nokta”, and “The Security Times” which is accepted as a significant resource among opinion leaders as well as “New Europe” are among the periodical productions of the printing house. Being active 7 days a week, the printing house’s daily printing circulation exceeds 330 thousand pcs. on average.