No! To Domestic Violence

In order to identify the destroying and permanent impact of domestic violence on all family members, to contribute to the formation of healthy family environments, to make a call to all segments of the society to say “No! To Domestic Violence“ the campaign started with cooperation of Istanbul Office of the Governor in 2004.

Since 2004 through preventive and protective work, it helped to raised awareness in the community and contributed significantly to the change of mentality.The problem and possible solutions were kept on the agenda through special reports, advertising campaigns, conferences, concerts and similar activities while fortifying Hürriyet’s standing in relation to this persisting social wound.

Hürriyet started off by using the “No! To Domestic Violence” logo in all domestic violence related articles so it drew attention to this issue. Hürriyet increased the number of its news informing domestic violence issue and offering solutions to that. The campaign trainers have so far conducted numerous trainings on domestic violence in Turkey and Germany to community, police forces, gendarme, teachers, religious leaders, psychologists, social workers, NGOs, municipality and fire brigade staff, etc.

Hürriyet organized “Couple Relations Support Programme Trainings”. Approximately 40 thousand people most of which were in Istanbul aware trained about all dimensions of domestic violence, its impact on family members solving problems without applying violence helping those who have been subject to violence and legal rights of victims to raise awareness about these issues.

75 people from 15 cities were trained as volunteer leaders. They themselves trained their own groups consisting of 10 volunteers. Every single volunteer conveyed what he/she learnt to 10 people from the community. Thus, the total number of people who received the correct information within their communities amounted to 7500 people.And 10 people were trained as volunteer leaders in Germany.

130 in Turkey and 10 in Germany psychologists, social workers and psychological consultants were given trainer trainings.In addition, Handling Crises training was given to the Emergency Hotline staff of 112 in Antalya and Isparta.

The activities carried out within the scope of the campaign revealed that victims and institutions suffer from insufficient collaboration and communication between institutions working with victims. Therefore, a training programme was prepared in order to increase cooperation and interaction between institutions and staff of all related institutions attended this training.Workshops were held between May 2009- July 2012 in 51 cities and 5 towns in total and the projects and strategies that could be carried out in that region were identified.

Within the framework of the campaign, many books, supplements and brochures were  published about domestic violence.

Hürriyet actively participated in the discussions on the draft law on domestic violence prevention with its campaign “No! to Domestic Violence”; in addition, the Company continued to present special reports and case records to the governor’s office on a quarterly basis in order to remedy the deficiencies.

The first international conference including case studies from Turkey and abroad was organized in November 2005 in collaboration with the UN Population Fund.

 In November 2006, the emphasis was on men’s participation in fight against domestic violence, domestic violence in workplaces, the role of the state in fighting against domestic violence and collaboration between public enterprises.

 In December 2007, the theme of the conference was “Media and Domestic Violence”

The theme in 8 March 2010 was to support collaboration between institutions working on domestic violence and the subject was “How can we move on?”

The theme of the conference organized between 10-11 March 2011 was “The Role of ’Good Men’ in Fighting against Violence“

In November 2011, the theme of the conference organized was “The Sky Belongs to Everyone! Fighting against Violence against Women: Success Stories from the World”

Music albums are released, concerts and exhibitions are organized making use of Celebrities’ power to influence the society.

Hürriyet is in collaboration with companies to donate the campaign. For instance; Penti Socks proceeds from the sale of socks. Support was given to the “Kostümlerle Elele” (Hand by Hand using Costumes) project; the income generated from the sale of costumes worn by celebrities was donated to the Domestic Violence Hotline.

The webpage Seninle +1 (With You +1) was created on As project partner of Ekle-Destekle (Add-Promote), a social entrepreneurship project, Hürriyet worked to draw attention to social initiatives and began to generate funding to the Domestic Violence Hotline via technological social entrepreneurship.

The campaign was explained in Brussels, in the European Parliament and in Berlin in the State Assembly. In 2006, the campaign received the Big PR Award of the United Nations.

The campaign was explained in Brussels, in the European Parliament and in Berlin in the State Assembly. In 2006, the campaign received the Big PR Award of the United Nations.

 Domestic Violence Hotline

Established in 2007 to provide legal, psychological and security-related support to women exposed to domestic mistreatment and violence. Domestic Violence Hotline is Turkey’s first and only call center on violence working 24/7.

Calls are replied by psychologists and judiciary people who are trained about these issues.

Hundreds of police and gendarme staff were trained in many cities in order to facilitate the work of the line.

Domestic Violence Hotline received 5,696 total calls. Of the calls received, some 4,590 people were offered legal, corporate or psychological support regarding domestic violence. Of this total, 3,186 were victims, relatives or acquaintances of victims. 96 calls were received from attackers.  1,298 “emergency” calls were handled in collaboration with police forces and the lives of many victims were saved in this way.

The Domestic Violence Hotline received calls from all around Turkey and 14 other countries.