Mission, Vision, Strategy


Hürriyet’s mission as a global media brand is to provide news, content and services on a 7×24 basis in every channel and in every format adding values to the readers’ and customers’ lives with continuous interactivity. To accomplish this objective, the main task of the directors of Hürriyet and its afliates is to maintain the independence of both the Company and the newspaper and to manage the Company in a way that will provide maximum value to shareholders.


Playing an active role in Turkey’s modernization, Hürriyet stands out with its high-quality publishing, employee focus and social responsibility. Hürriyet has always been and will continue to be guided by its commitment to serving the public good and maintaining its role as a pioneer.

Strategic Objectives

Hürriyet’s strategy involves communicating with users, readers, customers, integrating all businesses and platforms,  continuing development, monetizing market cap, providing customer-focused service, developing reader-oriented specialty products, producing content for traditional brands, keeping abreast of advances in technology and innovatively diversifying and expanding content distribution channels. The Company’s strategy also involves tailoring information and educational products and tools to individuals, diversifying and expanding its sales and distribution channels and cooperate with the world’s leading media enterprises.

The Board of Directors and the management continuously review Hürriyet’s position in line with its strategic objectives. At regular and frequent board meetings, the Company reviews its position in the market and devises new targets and strategies responding to changing conditions.

Strategic targets set by managers implement with approval of Board of Directors. The performance of rating of reaching targets report to Board by Executives.