Corporate Profile

It was May 1st, 1948… Printing press start up at Hürriyet for the very first time. This will leave an indelible mark on Turkey; waking the country up to a new newspaper.

Hürriyet was introduced to its readers on May 1st, 1948 and began writing the history of Turkey. Doing journalism without deviating from its guiding principle of providing “impartial, first-hand and accurate reports” since the first day, Hürriyet has become the leader and a role model in the sector. Extending its mission as a role model in print media, Hürriyet is now transforming itself day by day as a global media brand.

With the same enthusiasm of that first day and following the “every morning a new day begins and the printing press runs” approach, Hürriyet became one of the most widely-read newspaper in Turkey and the mirror of a diverse society. 

Hürriyet is a strong regional player in the global economy, in addition to its core business of journalism, Hürriyet has expanded into printing, distribution, online services, book publishing, classified ads, TV productions and marketing over the years through its domestic and overseas subsidiaries and affiliates, in keeping with developments and requirements of the sector.