Print Media
Since 1948 when it was incorporated, the Newspaper Hürriyet has been continuing on its path in journalism as the leading organization of Turkish media. What lies behind this success is an accurate, reliable and impartial journalism understanding maintained within the framework of universal media principles. 

Hürriyet draws its power of setting the agenda, from its news covering every aspect of life from economy to policy and from magazine to sports, and from its efficient writer staff.

Having been always among the leaders of innovations and modern initiatives in Turkish media, Hürriyet has carried its power in printed media also to the digital platform with the development of technology, and taken the lead there as well. Thanks to hü which is in publication for more than 20 years, reliable news reach out to millions of people far more rapidly.

News produced by Hürriyet’s staff can be viewed 7 days a week and 24 hours a day through the newspaper, hü, and social media. Thus, readers who do not want to get lost in the ‘news pollution’ in the Internet environment consider Hürriyet as the safest harbor. Likewise, based on this reality, advertisers also prefer Hürriyet to reach their target audience.

Hürriyet İK, the one and only human resources newspaper of Turkey, which has been distributed every Sunday together with the Turkey edition of the Newspaper Hürriyet for 25 years, has become the name of change in the new world order where large amount of initiatives are talked about and technology is brought to the forefront. The developing new world dynamics and the transformation that economy has experienced together with digital innovations, have lead to a great change in Hürriyet İK, the one and only human resources newspaper of Turkey. The newspaper distributed on Sundays and which was modernized with the name of “Hürriyet İK & Yeni Ekonomi”, has started to set the agenda with its significant content in relation to human resources and new economy..

Hürriyet Kitap Sanat unites with its readers every week since February 3, 2017, with its content feeling the pulse of the literature and art world. Hürriyet Kitap Sanat, which introduces and evaluates new books and the latest works of art of the literature world every Friday, and the content of which extends to every sphere of art and creativity from music to ballet, painting and sculpture, and from photography to architecture, has become a source followed both by the readers and big names that influence the world of literature and art from the first day it was launched.

Articles of literature, jazz, classical music, plastic arts, architecture, cinema and theater carry the signatures of names who are experts in their area such as Doğan Hızlan, A.Ömer Türkeş, Metin Celâl, Haydar Ergülen, Ömer Erdem, Fatih Özgüven, Ayşegül Sönmez, Elif Türkölmez, Efnan Atmaca, Murat Özer, Sevin Okyay, Yücel Kayıran, Burcu Pelvanoğlu, Eda Solmaz, Fırat Karadeniz, Elvin Vural, Evrim Altuğ, İhsan Yılmaz, Bahar Çuhadar and Erkan Aktuğ. By introducing to its readers all the colors of the world of art ranging from newly published books to exhibitions, theater plays and concerts, with the commentaries of the competent names, it has proven its unrivaled position in a short time  The most significant values behind the success of Hürriyet Kitap Sanat, are the trust placed in the content created by its editorial offices, its rich content, and the fact that the news/advertisement ratio is kept at an optimum level. The contribution made by it to the prestige of the newspaper from this aspect is also supported by the level of circulation achieved throughout Turkey.

For 45 years, “Kelebek”, a magazine and life newspaper, has been introducing to the readers of Hürriyet various content which will move them away from the stress of daily life and color up their life. Having an editorial team consisting of writers such as Cengiz Semercioğlu, Onur Baştürk, Ömür Gedik, Savaş Özbey and Cihan Şensözlü, Kelebek provides its readers with the most up-to-date news on a wide range of issues from magazine to fashion, and from night life to the television world.

Saturday is a day when people want to make plans with their family, children and friends, participate in the city life, and go shopping. Hürriyet Cumartesi guides its readers on weekends with those writers who are experts in their job such as Uğur Vardan, Vedat Milor, Savaş Özbey, Tolga Akyıldız, Bahar Çuhadar and Elçin Yahşi. Published as a culture, art, shopping and events journal with its content ranging from cinema to music, from theater to book and from style to television, Hürriyet Cumartesi makes reviews with a star system and embellishes and enriches the weekend as a city guide with its “best of” lists, special interviews, reviews, and dynamic design. 

When it comes to Sunday fun, the first thing that comes to mind is Hürriyet Pazar. Names who are the most famous and successful ones in their areas such as Vedat Milor, Dr. Mehmet Öz, Ebru Erke and Hakan Gence are uniting with the readers of Hürriyet Pazar, which contains files setting the agenda, arguments, special interviews with the most famous names of the world and Turkey, special news, and remarkable topics as well as articles on humor, foods and beverages, nature, technology and life style. Being one of the most prestigious brands of Turkey, Hürriyet Pazar ensures continuation of the habit of reading newspaper on Sundays, with its content which is talked about for the whole week.

Hürriyet Seyahat, which provides a guide on travel trends and culture, makes you dream about these, and presents the best locations and most suitable recommendations to realize these dreams, creates a desire in its readers to explore the world. Having reached its readers every Sunday since 2011, the newspaper recommends new routes from within the country and from abroad, informs its readers of the opportunities in tourism sector, and contains global trends.
With the advices of writers who are experts in their area such as Saffet Emre Tonguç, Ebru Erke, and Özge Altınok Lokmanhekim, it becomes possible to view a city from a quite different perspective, to experience tastes from around the world, and to make traveling with children easier and entertaining. Hürriyet Seyahat, which has an active presence also on the Internet and social media with its content, leads the way to travelers of every age with its ‘best of’ selections suggested by experts. 

A renewal process was started in October 2016 in all the regional newspapers, with the projection of “New Era in Regional Journalism”. Separate coordination meetings were held in Istanbul and in the relevant regions. With periodical meetings and regular communication; logos, columns, page layouts/frames, 1st pages and back covers of regional newspapers etc. were renewed.  ​

The columns such as “Hürriyet Writes, Problems Solved”, “Football Council”, “Magazine in Business”; magazine-social life pages, and city and sports pages, which do not require any additional cost, were launched in the regions. 


Having started to be published on March 31, 2006 with the slogan “the Newspaper Which Experiences its City”, Hürriyet Ankara took the pulse of the capital city also last year. Following the local elections of March 31, it has provided its readers with the first messages of all mayors of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities, with its article series “Mayors are Speaking Following the Election”, and set the agenda with the explanations of the ministers who visited the offices of Hürriyet Ankara. With its “WhatsApp City Line” and readers’ column named “Reader is a Writer Here”, Hürriyet Ankara is continuing to lead the way in city journalism. 

With its distribution region of Antalya, Burdur, Isparta and Fethiye, Hürriyet Akdeniz celebrated its 30th year as of 2019, and crowned its 30th year with a special supplement of 32 pages. In addition, Hürriyet Akdeniz renewed its content according to the current developments in media sector. Having started to unite the leading names of the region with the readers every month with its section “Hürriyet Akdeniz Editor Desk”, Hürriyet Akdeniz has brought to the agenda of the city the works carried out in the region, the problems, and solution offers, with those special interviews prepared by experienced reporters and editors in current areas such as education, tourism, economy, politics, art and sports. With its column “What Does the Citizen Say?”, which has been continuing since 2012, all the problems in its region of publication have been brought to the attention of the relevant institutions and a solution opportunity has been provided. Hürriyet Akdeniz has been honored with 2 different awards in 2019 in the areas of Tourism and Economy, by Antalya Association of Journalists (AGC) which is the most efficient media organization in the region.

Hürriyet Ege first started its publication life on October 2, 1985. Hürriyet Ege has also left a mark in history as the first regional newspaper published nationally. Being published on every weekday in a broad geography extending from Çanakkale to Antalya, Hürriyet Ege continues to be the voice, ear, and spokesperson of 20 million people living in Aegean Region. Having a broad staff of writers who are known well by people of the region, Hürriyet Ege attracts the attention of the readers also with its thematic supplements on many issues ranging from economy to sports. Hürriyet Ege is prepared by an experienced editorial staff at the head office in Izmir Alsancak.

Having started to be published on April 19, 2004, Hürriyet Bursa has undergone a revision 7 years after it has started its publication life, and became a more of a local regional newspaper specific to Bursa. It is distributed in Bursa, Bandırma and Susurluk. With its resources being based in the Bursa region, pages of Health, Education, PET, Districts, Yalova, Football Council, Bandırma and Maritime have been launched in the newspaper.  In 2019, a long-running article series was started on the innovative HR implementations of the leading companies of Bursa.

Hürriyet Çukurova started to be published on October 29, 1989. In 2019, it celebrated its 30th year and published a supplement of 36 pages in relation to its 30th year. Hürriyet Çukurova started to be published 3 days a week on October 8, 2003, and 7 days a week on May 3, 2004. GAP started its publication life on April 10, 2006. After a while, Mersin also started its publication life. Thereafter, publication alone as GAP has been abandoned, the Mersin supplement has been discontinued from publication, and it has continued to be published under the name Hürriyet Çukurova-GAP. It is distributed to 25 provinces extending from Anamur to Van. Having earned a reputable position, Hürriyet Çukurova-GAP is the voice of the region.

Apart from the above-specified daily regional newspapers, special newspapers and local pages are also published in Black Sea, Kayseri, Konya and Eskişehir, weekly and depending upon the advertisement projections. The newspapers of these regions are prepared and made ready to printing fully in Ankara.

 Also in Bursa, East Marmara (Yalova, Sakarya and Kocaeli) newspapers are prepared depending on the advertisement-taking rate. Special separate supplements are also being published in Aegean and Mediterranean regions and in Adana for the different cities in the region, in coordination with advertisement.

In addition, separate special newspapers on Education, Building-Construction, Economy, and Marriage, and supplements and magazines for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and New Year etc., are also prepared in the regions.

With its characteristics of being the earliest and most effective English publication of Turkey, Hürriyet Daily News has undertaken a significant mission in 2019 as well, and continued to be the “window to the world” of Demirören Medya Holding . 
Being shown among the most prestigious publications in relation to Turkey and the region with its journalism in international standards and experience of almost up to 60 years, Hürriyet Daily News has continued to communicate the developments in the country and in its vicinity to the world all year round, in the fastest and most efficient manner. 

With the journalism approach it has shown in relation to the rises and falls in the relations between Turkey and USA, developments in relation to procurement of S400, Local Elections of 2019, and the Operation Peace Spring conducted by Turkey to clear Syria from the elements of terrorism, which all put their mark on the agenda in this period, it has continued to be an international reference source. 

Having increased its revenues in 2019 by 28% compared to the previous year, Hürriyet Daily News has also decreased its expenses by 10% in the same period. With the impact of its effective publishing, Hürriyet Daily News continued to grow in 2019 on the digital platform as well. Having increased its number of individual visitors by 7.49%, has for the first time in its history reached 8.34 million users in total. 

The economic developments which occurred in 2019 have once again revealed the significance of explaining Turkey to the world in a correct manner, and brought to the forefront again the impact of Hürriyet Daily News in this respect and the growth potential of such publication especially on the digital platform.