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According to surveys conducted by the independent research company BİAK (Basın İzleme ve Araştırma Kurulu, Press Monitoring and Research Agency), widely recognized by newspapers as the authoritative source of sector information, Hürriyet is the newspaper with the most extensive reach among readers in the AB socioeconomic segment.

Reaching 2 million people each day, Hürriyet, in addition to catering its readers’ need for accurate news and trustworthy comments, also publishes supplements to create added value for its readers’ lives, led by the conviction that contemporary publishing should embrace all aspects of life. These supplements are a major factor that sets Hürriyet apart from its competitors in the Turkish media. Another significant aspect of these supplements is the creation of new openings for ad clients. In addition, Hürriyet publishes regional newspapers every day which cover the different areas.

Radikal reached its first readers in 1996 and on October 17, 2010 the newspaper introduced a new dimension, design concept and journalistic approach to the Turkish media. In this way, Radikal has taken place Hürriyet Gazetecilik ve Matbaacılık A.Ş.’s publications.

Turkish Daily News was acquired by Doğan Group in January 2000 and renamed Hürriyet Daily News. Serving as the most important English language news source for diplomats and other foreign citizens living in Turkey since its first issue, Hürriyet Daily News started the second half-century of its history on June 13, 2011 with a new logo, new content and new layout.



HÜRRİYET KELEBEK : Reaching Hürriyet readers since year 1972, despite some interruptions, Kelebek (Butterfly), one of the largest brands under Hürriyet, joined readers once again as a Hürriyet supplement on March 15, 2004. Kelebek is now on the air on Sundays, so that readers meet 7 days a week. Hürriyet Kelebek, with 1.8 million readers, maintains the position of leadership among the daily newspaper supplements in Turkey. With its extensive content and distinctive columnists, Kelebek seeks to present a snapshot of all aspects of life and aims to embrace the whole readership of Hürriyet. The latest fashion trends, issues of interest for women, social trends and health are among the leading topics of Kelebek. In 2011, the Company conducted a communications study focused on the readership reach of the publication. Additionally, the Altın Kelebek (Golden Butterfly) Competition took place for 38th year demonstrating the strength and endurance of the Kelebek brand.

HÜRRİYET İK : Ever since its first issue in October 1995, Hürriyet İK (Hürriyet HR) is the most effective medium to bring prospective employers and job seekers together. A small ad in Hürriyet İK can lead to the start of a strong career. Reaching approximately 592 thousand readers with each issue,  Hürriyet İK has undertaken a very significant role to establish professional human resource management in Turkey for 17 years. In this respect, the supplement has been a pioneer in establishing the concept of “human resources” in the private sector and contributed to the development of a qualified workforce.


Published as a weekday newspaper since its launch on March 1, 2010 in 17 cities, at 23 universities and on 32 campuses aiming to reach university students, Hürriyet Kampüs (Campus) has been sold as a supplement to Hürriyet since 2011. Reaching 60 campuses in 30 cities by 2011, Hürriyet Kampüs (Campus) contains articles on current news, arts and culture, entertainment/tabloid news, Zaytung, sports and university activities together with articles written by university students.


Hürriyet Cumartesi (Hürriyet Saturday) has been published since 1994 and it reaches 1.5 million readers every week. Based on the “Doubled Saturday Pleasure” concept, this supplement was separated into and published as two new newspapers since December 2011: “City and People” and “Fashion and Life.” As trademarks of Hürriyet Cumartesi, the “Top Ten” and “Before This Week Ends” sections were maintained. Each Saturday, Hürriyet Cumartesi presents sections that are accepted as the standard in the Turkish media in terms of editorial content including celebrity columns of Doğan Hızlan, Ayşe Arman, Kanat Atkaya and Figen Batur; style pages by Sibel Arna; and healthcare pages by Mesude Erşan.


Published since 1994, Hürriyet Pazar (Hürriyet Sunday) is an unrivalled supplement in its field. It is followed by 1.5 million readers every week and it acts as the standard for the Sunday supplements of other newspapers. As of April 2011, Hürriyet Pazar increased the number and content of pages it presents to readers. The publication’s trademark sections include Ayşe Arman with her interviews; Uğur Cebeci with his pieces on aviation; Civan Er with the food and cuisine section; Yorgo Kırbaki with his articles about Greece and Tolga Tanış with his articles and comments about USA. Latif Demirci’s cartoon character Press Bey (Mr. Press) represents the humorous side of Hürriyet Pazar. The 4 Yüz (4 Faces) project launched in 2011 introduced a different point of view to journalism. Ertuğrul Özkök, Enis Berberoğlu, Sedat Ergin and Ahmet Hakan handle a new topic every week from different perspectives.


Hürriyet’s travel supplement, Seyahat, was launched on June 26, 2003. Published on Thursdays until March 1, 2004, Seyahat has since been offered to readers on Mondays. Featuring domestic and overseas travel and holiday alternatives with articles and photographs, Hürriyet Seyahat also offers readers relevant tips and information about their destinations. The supplement provides Hürriyet readers guidance on travelling with a wide range of issues from local cuisine to travelling with children, or from the latest in the tourism sector to budget holiday options. Seyahat features a selected destination in Turkey or abroad on each issue’s cover. Acclaimed travel writer Mehmet Yaşin’s dispatches have appeared in this supplement since 2008. Each issue of Hürriyet Seyahat is followed by 564 thousand readers.


 Since October 8, 2003, Hürriyet Oto Yaşam has been a monthly free supplement published with Hürriyet on Wednesdays. Hürriyet Oto Yaşam offers extensive content from innovations in the automotive industry to motor sports and from financial services to technology updates. Each month 615 thousand readers follow Hürriyet Oto Yaşam.


Predominantly featuring pieces on cinema, culture and the arts, the Saturday and Sunday editions of Keyif (Leisure) are published in tabloid format in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Both supplements contain reviews on newly released books and albums, as well as news about exhibitions, theater plays, concerts and new films. Exclusive interviews with acclaimed figures dominating the arts and culture scene during that week also appear in these supplements. Both supplements are being followed by approximately 800 thousand readers.


Published as the supplement for youth in Hürriyet since December 23, 2002, Trendy offers a gateway to a range of issues from interviews with celebrities, fashion and beauty tips, the latest in culture and the arts, to real-life stories from readers. Trendy is a paid supplement published every Monday and is available the entire week. According to the average sales figures in 2011, Trendy is the best selling youth magazine in Turkey.


HÜRRİYET EMLAK “Yeni Bir Yaşam” : 
Hürriyet Emlak has its finger firmly on the pulse of Istanbul’s real estate market since March 24, 2005. It  is published every Sunday since April 15, 2012. With its extentive content and renovated form, Hürriyet Emlak features the expectations and problems of the firms in the construction sector, the  current laws concerning real estate and the city planning applications of each province. As a result of its appeal to journalism which is parallel to Hürriyet newspaper’s pages concerning economics, Hürriyet Emlak does not only consider the real estate market but it also considers the consumers’ needs while presenting the details on urban life. Emlak Yaşam which is published in İstanbul has 96 thousand readers.




HÜRRİYET AKDENİZ : Launched on February 26, 2001, Hürriyet Akdeniz is published daily since June 16, 2003. Distributed to Antalya, Burdur, Isparta and Afyon, Hürriyet Akdeniz renewed its content in February 2012. Hürriyet Akdeniz meets its readers with its ekonomideki son trendler (new trends in economy), vatandaş ne diyor (what do the people say), doktorlar yanınızda (the doctors are with you) and lezzet odası (cooking) sections.

HÜRRİYET EGE : Launched on February 26, 2001, Hürriyet Ege was published 3 times a week from October 8, 2003. Since May 3, 2004 it is published daily. Prepared in İzmir since February 2011, Hüriyet Ege is published in the Egean area , from Çanakkale to Muğla.

HÜRRİYET BURSA  : Hürriyet Bursa was launched on April 19, 2004. 7 years after it was first published, Hürriyet Bursa was revised to be a more regional newspaper. It is currently distributed in Bursa, Yalova and Balıkesir.

HÜRRİYET ANKARA : Hürriyet Ankara was launched on March 31, 2006. Hürriyet Ankara held a music contest between high school students and started the birlikte tarih yazalım (lets write history together) project. With its unique approach to journalism, Hürriyet Ankara continues to attract readers.

HÜRRİYET ÇUKUROVA GAP : Launched on February 26, 2001, Hürriyet Çukurova Gap started to be published 3 times a week on October 8, 2003 and 7 times a week on May 3, 2004. Its GAP publication life started on April 10, 2006. Hürriyet Çukurova Gap is currently distibuted in 23 cities from Adana to Hakkari.



The Radikal newspaper to revolutionize the media world on October 17th, 2010; by introducing “Radical size”, “Radical content” and “Radical news.” Newspaper has a view from a different angle and the intellectual way of spreading local and worldwide news.

From health tips to shopping, weather forecast to fashion, cuisine to traveling and with a touch of technology; whether it’s economics, sports or general news you’re interested in, Radikal sums it all up, elegantly and trustworthily, meets with 204 thousand exclusive readers every day as 40 pages.

According to the Turkey Media Readership Survey data from the last period, Radikal, including the highest readers rate of the high income groups within all the newspapers.





75% of the Radikal’s readers are members of the of the AB socio-economic group, living in metropolitan 76%, 64% of them graduates of Universities. Radikal is also has one of the youngest readership within the socio-economic groups, the average age of the readers is 38.
As the daily average, 650 thousand news reader access to Radikal, by newspaper,, ipad, android and mobile applications and the social networks.

Radikal Hayat : Radikal Hayat is a kind of supplement that a guide for the stylish way of life style, publishes every day in the middle of Radikal.

Radikal Pazar : Radikal Pazar is the first weekend version of a national paper in Turkey. Radikal’s Sunday issue underwent a format change in line with the leading European and US newspapers trends and introduced the “weekend newspaper” concept with a completely new vision as the first Sunday newspaper in Turkey.
Radikal Pazar continues to present readers with rich content, comprising topics treated in detail and a wide range of Sunday interviews.

Radikal Kitap : Radikal Pazar continues to present readers with rich content, comprising topics treated in detail and a wide range of Sunday interviews.

The publication is closely followed by bookstores and publishing houses in addition to individual readers, as proof of its strong standing in the market. Factors for Radikal Kitap’s success include maintaining trust in the editorial content, providing rich content and keeping the news/ads ratio at an optimum level while publishing regularly on a set day of the week. Based on data obtained from industry fairs, opinions of publishing houses and annual advertising revenue, Radikal Kitap has become the most preferred newspaper supplement on books.

Radikal İki : As the debate platform accessible for everyone across Turkey who has something to say, Radikal İki is published every Sunday for the 14 years. Radikal İki is an objective and satisfying publication with rich content that focuses on politics, intellectual debates and current topics on the national agenda. Radikal İki covers the country’s agenda with an out-of-the- ordinary approach, presenting a unique format compared to other Sunday supplements.
Journalism is changing! Generating news is not enough anymore,  it’s time to generating the news with reader’s contribution. Now, real time journalism and user-generated content sites stand out and is renewed with understanding of participatory journalism.

Canlı Yazı İşleri (Live Editorial Office) : If you have it on the agenda of this page! held in two live broadcast every day. Editors talking and discussion about the agenda with readers. Somedays the best topic and the headline is going to be selected amoung the articles to make tomorrow’s newspaper by the editors.

Senden Haber (I News) : The citizens keeping the pulse of the agenda! The readers can publish their own news that they caugthed or they can make some addings on the news.  In this way, tomorrow’s newspaper gets shape by reader.

Radikal Kitap Portal : Now, everyone can be a book reviever! The readers have their own libraries and reading lists, examines categorized books and comment on the books.

Radikal Blog : From now on, the new heroes of the digital world on Radikal too. From Daily life to technology, arts and politics, all interesting matters on Radikal Blog.  Many different ideas meet at this portal are concentrated on the agenda.



Since publication of its first issue on March 15, 1961 as Turkish Daily News and based on the “World’s Window to Turkey” approach, Hürriyet Daily News has been a pioneering, leading and leading news source for both Turkey and the region for 51 years.

It was acquired by Doğan Group in January 2000 and renamed Hürriyet Daily News.

Serving as the most important English language news source for diplomats and other foreign citizens living in Turkey since its first issue, Hürriyet Daily News started the second half-century of its history on June 13, 2011 with a new logo, new content and new layout.

Hürriyet Daily News celebrated its 50th anniversary at an event in Ankara with the attendance of President Abdullah Gül, government ministers, the President of the main opposition party and many representatives of foreign diplomatic missions. The newspaper aims to expand its target population beyond English-speaking readers in the country and to reach a more global population, primarily those living in the same region, who seeks news from Turkey and its environs.







With its 51 year history, Hürriyet Daily News is the long-established and ever dynamic English language newspaper with continuously updated content. The newspaper is a rising star in print as well as online media, strengthening its market position as a major source of news not only for Turkey but also for the entire region.

Since the year 2011 in the region, focusing on Turkey and the world more than 200 reliable source news, analysis and opinion the newspapers, not only in print, electronic or rising, and not only in Turkey reinforces the distinction of being the source of the region’s major news.

Hürriyet Daily News can be accessed at of 450 thousand unique monthly visitors (UMV), approximately 60 thousand access the site from abroad. Closely covering the current developments in Turkey and in the world, contains from politicts to the arts and economy, technology, sports and daily life.

The site feeds by many blogs and social networking site; with "new" and "current” icon and "the last minute" refresh button help the reader to reach real time news.

The iPad app, launched in mid-2011, has been downloaded by more than 5,000 iPad users.

In addition to its Facebook and Twitter pages, Hürriyet Daily News introduced an Android application in March 2012  in line with its objective of reaching more users through mobile and social media.

Among the various design and journalism awards received in early 2012, Hürriyet Daily News won the İzzet Kezer Photograph Award from the Contemporary Journalists Association and the Behzat Miser Award; in addition, the newspaper shared the Vercihan Award with DHA Correspondent.