Print Media
Since its foundation in 1948, Hürriyet has become a symbol of fair journalism and credibility in the Turkish press with its contemporary publishing approach based on ethical rules. Hürriyet brand has been a powerful and leading publisher for 69 year in printed media and in digital world for 20 years with 
It leads the sector through its innovative characteristics by interpreting the developments and needs of the sector and closely following innovations, thus leading in many platforms. The application of innovative technologies, anticipating social changes and changing in a timely manner and leading the change and accessing any content through any means any time make it a powerful player in the digital world. 
Rapidly integrating its developments in digital broadcasting technologies with its know-how and vision in the media sector, Hürriyet has become the fastest growing player in digital platforms and has proved its competence. 
Adding its superior competence in web and mobile platforms to unrivalled power in printed media, Hürriyet collects all kinds of content related to news, magazines, sports and life under the roof of "the World of Hürriyet". News and content creating behaviours of the advancing technology is used in compliance with the social media in the World of Hürriyet and as result of correct and efficient processing of large data, any content can be generated 24/7 focused on personal preferences and needs and expectations of the readers and advertisers are fulfilled with a perfect customer experience.  
Hürriyet Newspaper continues to use this world where it is created by its deep-rooted experience and vision.   By diversifying content distribution channels, it continues to track trends by offering specific products and content to target masses. 
In 2016 and 2017, Hürriyet continued its leadership in printed media with an understanding of journalism that researches, follows, and touches humanity and heart. 
It created an agenda with special news called "Hayatın İçinden" and shared examples of effective and responsible journalism with "Hürriyet Takipte" news stories with their readers. "Hürriyet Olay Yerinde" stories were widely spoken and broke reading records. It was the voice of those who wanted to be heard with the news of "Hürriyete Ses Ver", and it contributed to the solution of social problems and received serious support from their readers. 
Getting mixed into the life with “Hürriyet 360, Hürriyet'in Objektifinden, Hürriyet 360, Hukuk Herkese Lazım” news, Hürriyet continues to keep the pulse of the news to be a brand that creates the agenda. 

Turkey's only human resources newspaper distributed every Sunday with Hürriyet in its Turkish print for over 21 years now, Hürriyet IK has been the very name of the change in the new world order where changes have been discussed and innovations are highlighted. Developing new world dynamics and economic transformation experienced with digital  innovations, Hürriyet IK, Turkey's only human resources newspaper, has brought about a great change. Renewed with the name of "Hürriyet İK & Yeni Ekonomi", the newspaper started to set its agenda on Sunday with important contents about human resources and new economy.

Hürriyet Kitap Sanat supplement full of new and content that will keep the pulse of the world of literature and art, started to be published on February 3, 2017. Introducing and assessing new books, the latests art works of the literature world every Friday, Hürriyet Kitap Sanat has become a substantial source closely followed by both common readers and dominant figures and organizations of the literature-art world from the very first day it was published, covering every area of art and creativity ranging from music to ballet, painting to sculpture, and from photography to architecture.
It has proven its unique characteristic in a relatively short amount of time by delivering all the colours of the art     world to their readers, from newly-published books to exhibitions and from theatres to concerts by its   competent team.
The most important values of Hürriyet Kitap Sanat is to keep the reliability, richness and news/advertisement ratio in the content of the editorial works in an optimum level.  It has once again proven its contribution to the newspaper with its circulation all over Turkey. 

Magazine and daily newspaper "Kelebek" has been offering content that will color Hürriyet's readers for the past 44 years by removing the stress of everyday life. Kelebek, gathering master columnists such as Melis Alphan, Cengiz Semercioğlu and Onur Baştürk, brings together the most up-to-date news in many subjects, from magazine to fashion, from night life to television world. 

Hürriyet readers enjoy the weekend start with  "Hürriyet Cumartesi", a culture-art, shopping and activity guide introducing all the activities of the week, from sinema to music and from theatre to new books.  Allowing the readers to plan their time and to be informed about the best activities and products, Hürriyet Cumartesi evaluates new activities and products with a quadruple star system with the most competent names on their areas. Hürriyet Cumartesi continues to be the best guide for urban life with its dynamic design and rich content.

"Hürriyet Pazar", a weekend supplement of Hürriyet that can be read by the readers all over Turkey with their families, covers headline files, special interviews with prominent figures in the world and Turkey as well as special news, humour, eating-drinking, nature and lifestyles. Hürriyet Pazar’s staff includes some of the leading and most successful names in the business today such as Gülse Birsel, Vedat Milor, Dr. Mehmet Öz, Mehmet Yaşin, and Ayşe Arman.

"Hürriyet Seyahat" is Hürriyet's travel and cultural newspaper published on Sundays. Extensive travel writings from all around Turkey and the globe, recommendations and travel writings from experts such as Ayhan Sicimoğlu, Saffet Emre Tonguç, appeal to everyone who is ready to hit the road and go on a vacation.

For those readers who want to enjoy the summer, Kelebek Yaz has started to be published throughout the summer. Prepared with the support of a different famous expert on every Saturday, Kelebek Yaz has taken its place in the shops as a supplement adding pleasure to summer with many special contents ranging from health, nutrition to the most popular summer places.

A renewal process has been started in October 2016 for all the regional newspapers with the projection titled "New Era In Regional Journalism".  Different coordination meetings have been held in Istanbul and regions.  Through periodical meeting and regulation communication, logo, columns, page orders/tops as well as  First Pages and back covers of the regional newspapers have been renewed. New sections have been added to the newspapers as as result of studies conducted in 2017.  

Columns such as Okur Köşesi”, “Hürriyet Yazıyor Sorunlar Çözülüyor”, “Şehir Hukuku”, “Futbol Konseyi”, “İş’te Magazin”, “Ne Yapalım”, “Nereye Gidelim” as well as magazine-society, urban and sports pages, which do not require any additional cost, have been realised.  Regional meeting will be also held in 2018 under the mutual project investment process. 

Hürriyet Ankara was first published on March 31, 2006.  Realising different applications, Hürriyet Ankara continues to set the agenda with its unique journalism approach through different activities such as Genç Nota Liselerarası Müzik Yarışması, “Birlikte Tarih Yazalım: Sözlü Tarih”, “ANKADEMİ: Üniversiteler ve Şehir, “ÇATKAPI” flavour column. 


Hürriyet Akdeniz started its publication life on February 26, 2001 and it has been published every day of the week since June 16, 2003. Content of Hürriyet Akdeniz, distributed in Antalya, Burdur, Ispart and Afyon, has been renewed and the latest trends in economy is shared with readers through "“Vatandaş Ne Diyor”, “Lezzet Odası”, “Doktorlar Yanınızda” sections. 

Started to be published on February 26, 2001, Hürriyet Ege started to be published 3 days a week on October 8, 2003 and 7 days a week on May 3, 2004. As of February 2011, the newspaper has started to be prepared in Izmir. Hürriyet Ege, which was published entirely in the Aegean Region from Çanakkale to Muğla, has become the voice of the Egeans.

Started to be published on April 19, 2004, Hürriyet Bursa was revised after 7 years after its first publication and it has become more from Bursa and a more regional newspaper.  It is distributed to Bursa, Bandırma and Susurluk. Under the condition that their resources are based upon Bursa region, Health, PET, Districts, University, Alternative Sports, Football Council, Bandırma and Maritime pages are created. 

Hürriyet Çukurova-Gap was first published on February 26, 2001. It started to be published 3 days a week on October 8, 2003 and 7 days a week on May 3, 2004. GAP was first published on April 10, 2006.  It is distributed to 23 provinces, from Adana to Hakkari. 

Besides the aforementioned daily regional newspapers, weekly special newspapers and local pages are prepared based on advertisement projections.  Newspapers of these regions are prepared in Ankara in every aspect, which are then ready for the print. 

East Marmara (Yalova, Sakarya and Kocaeli) newspapers are prepared in Bursa according to the volume of advertisement.  For different provinces in Aegean, Mediterranean and Adana region, special additional supplements are published based on the advertisement coordination. 

Separate special newspapers on Education, Building-Construction, Economy, Marriage and special day supplement and magazines for Valentines' Day, New Year etc. are prepared.  

Hürriyet Daily News does not only function as a window opened up to the outer world for Turkey, but also for Hürriyet Dünyası and Dogan Group, and it has maintained its function in 2017, too.  Hürriyet Daily News achieves this by delivering news in a fast, reliable and independent manner on its website besides making a digital-oriented working order as well as using its diplomatic function to publish the newspaper, its most important function among others. ​News-comment differentiation is clearly observed and comment diversity is maintained featuring the columnists of Hürriyet. 

While Turkey has been going through the year a number of problems in foreign politics, Hürriyet Daily News has continued to make Turkey heard and proven itself as the primary and reliable new source characteristic in Turkey particularly for its on-site and post news it addressed during July 15, 2016 coup attempt. Turkey's fight against the terrorist organizations inside and outside fast, reliably and meticulously announced to the world in a way it will not fall into the propaganda line.  
It has also achieved its duty to accurately explain the truths to abroad during the slander campaign directed to Doğan Grubu and the studies carried out by group companies has been meticulously shared with the readers and followers. 

In a world where English is the spoken langauge, Hürriyet Daily News maintains its quality as a leading news source not only in Turkey but in the region as well. 

Due to the systemic problems experienced in our website last year, there have been periodic decreases in the number of total sessions and there have been 14,966,708 single sessions.  The contractors company has therefore been changed and the audit of the website has been handed over to technical services of Hürriyet. 

On the other hand, clicks achieved by the website of Hürriyet Daily News in the US has passed Turkey for the first time, ranking the first. It is a great pleasure to achieve this result.  In this respect, the percentage of clicks of the first five countries is as follows: 

USA (22.4%)
Turkey (17.2%)
UK (10.4%)
Canada (4.1%)
Germany (4.0%)