Internet Activity
Hürriyet also aims to maintain its leadership in Internet journalism in the print media field and it is one of the first newspapers carrying one leg of its journalism operation to the internet through in 1997. Since 2000, has started to serve as a news portal announcing developments for 24 hours, thus going beyond being a just a publication of Hürriyet Newspaper., which has turned into a social news platform in 2014, continues to be a pioneer in digital with its innovations in mobile and e-news and the power in social media. Having acquired the principle of providing access to its users from all devices, Hürriyet became the first Turkish application in Apple Watch in 2015.

At its 20th anniversary, was among the leaders of digital media around the world based on monthly visitor figures and page views. With the most read, most shared and most talked about news, maintained its leadership to lead the digital field among media organizations. Throughout 2017, Hürriyet continued to carry out new generation of journalism and digital innovation projects through its digital channels.

New digital sports platform of Hürriyet has started to be published with the "Turkey's Largest Sports Arena" motto.  Sports Arena, which keeping the track of the sporting world with its writer staff consisting of expert names of fields, not only on football, but also about news, videos and interviews about basketball, volleyball, e-sport sports and all the other branches of sports started to take the stage in sports with its web platform and mobile application. Additionally, for the first time with the "Taraftarından (from Supporters)" project, fans were given the opportunity to support their teams with their writings.  

The digital source Hürriyet Seyahat has continued to meet the demands of travel enthusiasts with its renovated design. has become one of the most popular news sites whose content has been followed up in social media. Reaching its readers through all channels, maintains its leadership with 17.5 million followers in social media as of end of 2017. 

Holding a leading position in digital publication, has reached 4.4 million daily unique visitors in 2017 and close to 58 million daily page view average and to 59 million people on a monthly basis.  Hürriyet Mobile App has reached 475,000 monthly active users from 290,000 active users per month.

Hürriyet TV
Serving as a video platform on its own and video infrastructure of, around 1000 videos are produced every month on Hürriyet TV. In addition to the agenda and news content of Hürriyet TV, the category is enriched with special content that touches the social lives of entertaining, informative and watching, reaching an average of 40 million viewing rates per month in 2017, raising the bar high for video platforms. Hürriyet TV aims to not only enter the daily life of the new generation user who follows the daily pulse in video format with special content formats, but aims to increase by focusing on short form video format and diversifying income models with creative advertisement formats in 2018.
Continuing to maintain its operations as a sub-domain under on February 6, 2017, it has received the support of Hürriyet.  It has reached 10 million users and 72 million page views monthly.  While working with Matrix as a web data provider, Bigpara took a big step to change its data provider and came to an agreement with Forex for a number of benefits it offered.  Transition period is about to be concluded.

Coming to an agreement with Anadolu Ajansı to strengthen its content, Bigpara has made contributions to the growth of its traffic thanks to the new referral agreements.  Bigpara has been also continued to expand their writer team at the same time. It has also made new page sponsorships for Bitcoin and Loan pages. 

Bigpara carries out AMP project in order to increase its power in mobile world and this process is still ongoing.
Distinguished among others with exclusive content on mother-child health, infant and child growth subjects, Hürriyet Aile is featured with its expert columnists. Focusing on health matter from A to Z and even carrying out a dictionary study for this, Hürriyet Aile enriches the flow of content by addressing everything from general health issues to psychology, nutrition, exercises, sexual health, family events, pets life, lonely parenting and family life.  Aiming to reinforce its image and its advertise appearance more, the goal of the platform in 2018 is to expand its activity network.

Distinguished among other platforms created for women with its rich content, Mahmure provides a wide range of content diversity to its social media agenda, from fashion to decoration, beauty and good life trends, from astrology to agenda of the media.  Reaching its followers in offline platforms too, Mahmure can reach its 150,000 followers instantly with the live social media coverages of it  activities.

Total traffic of Mahmure, whose 76% of followers are over 25, comes from 37% of those visitors falling to 25-35 years of age and 22% of those visitors in 35-44 years of age.  Making up 44% of visitors viewing Mahmure, men read sign comments and pass time in love and relationship pages and thus following the agenda of women in Mahmure!, a rapidly developing automotive sector platform, has been completely renewed in November 2017, maintaining its publication life much stronger than ever., where content is now featured, has been viewed 1.3 million times in November and December, and the number of followers has increased rapidly. As an important platform to serve the automotive sector, locomotive of the Turkish economy, it aims to be the biggest on its segment with its richer content, prominent columnist and increasing listing (second hand vehicle adverts) with the management of Emre Özpeynirci, Automotive Editor and columnist for Hürriyet Newspaper.
Maintaining its activities for 18 years by renewing itself continuously in employment technologies of Turkey, is featured with its properties that will help both job seekers and companies be distinguished among others during employment period, which makes the website more than a market place where job seekers and companies meet.  Besides its digital employer brand consultancy service to companies, it also provides service on areas such as HR consultancy, process management of applicants. 

Included in the group purchasing category of e-commerce field and is defined as "opportunity site / discount site / coupon site" generally, aims to increase the awareness of individual users living their social lives on more economical conditions, as well as offering "online advertising and direct sales" opportunities to both local and global companies collaborated with to help them increase their profits.
All the Turkey and all city-based deals of is consisted of sections and sub-categories such as domestic and overseas holiday packages, city hotels, restaurants, spas, beauty salons, entertainment venues, theatre-cinema-concert-based activities, courses, activities adding colour to life, (sea bus, flying boat, helicopter and intercity bus schedules), car rental services.

Following the international trends on digital platforms, makes the technological harmonization and improvement simultaneously for safe, fast and easy shopping. Maintaining its actuality with desktop-mobile views and Android-iOS applications, has continuously increased the value it has created since 2010. reflects a service approach that is sensitive to all technological activities for sale as well as to the satisfaction of users, which is offered by answer questions and solving problems on the phone, providing live support via e-mail and social media channels. According to the data of 2017, has published 7,120 opportunities (cooperation - sales agreement) and over 395,000 coupons and registered 147,000 members (users) to its database.