Foreign Operations
Operating in Europe with its publishing center and printing facility based in Mörfelden-Walldorf near Frankfurt city of Federal Germany, Hürriyet meets its readers in Germany after the first worker migration to Europe during the 1960s. Despatched to Munich via planes, it is delivered to regions highly populated with Turks.  Upon the rise of the Turkish population and the arrival of guest workers as a starting point for settlement in this country, it was decided that the newspaper would be printed in a printing house in Germany. Hürriyet has been published in Munich since April 17, 1969 and has been offered to readers in various Western European countries, especially Germany.

Since then, Hürriyet has become a Turkish newspaper providing the longest and uninterrupted service to Turkish citizens and Turkish based people living in Europe through European distributions. With the distribution network connected to the Axel Springer Group, Hürriyet sells approximately 8 thousand in Germany and 10 thousand in other European countries it is distributed. With this high access power, Hürriyet continues its unbiased news and commentary superiority in Europe. Experienced journalists in the Hürriyet Berlin branch and Doğan News Agency reporters in various cities continue to keep the pulse of news in Europe for years. Hürriyet, the most well-known Turkish media brand in Germany, is also pioneering in the field of corporate social responsibility through its social campaigns jointly organized with non-governmental organizations such as the Turkish-German Health Foundation and the Germany Harmony Foundation. It also supports various cultural events such as education, health, sports, Frankfurt Film Festival and Theatre Festival.

Turkey's most powerful newspaper Hürriyet, publishing and advertising activities in Europe, continues to carry out its works under the roof of Doğan Media International GmbH, which was established in 1999 to operate as the window of Doğan Holding to Europe. The printing plant operates as Hürriyet German branch, which prints four different alphabets and approximately 30 publications on seven different languages. The plant is ideal for low-circulation international and ethnical publications, providing a short duration of printing with a machine park structure using a single-width bobbin. 

Renovating its quarter folding line in 2017, editions of Japanese newspaper Nikkei and English The Financial Times newspaper, international daily newspapers on economy, prepared form Germany and the surrounding countries as well as regional edition German newspaper Bild, the most popular newspaper read most in Europe, including the European editions of Stars&Stripes, an American publication, and Asahi, a Japan publication, Sportwelt, a leading horse sports in Germany and Asharq Al-Awsat from Arab World are all printed in the plant with the capacity to include 6 additional newspapers besides the main newspaper. Info & Tips from Poland, Chinese representatives English China Daily, Chinese Chinesische Handelszeitung, Chinese / English Global Times, free publications Trigonal, Hayat and Nokta publication as well as The Security Times and New Europe considered as a prominent source among opinion leaders are also periodically printed in this printing plant. 

In 2017, the facility began to print regional prints of Germany's only daily soccer newspaper, Fussball Bild. With these publications, the daily newspaper, which has reached 250,000 daily, is despatched to shops through shipping companies to meet the readers living in Europe.