Foreign Operations

​Hürriyet in Europe

As the only Turkish newspaper with global reach, Hürriyet is a pioneer in Europe not only in journalism, but also in social campaigning. Operating in Europe from its headquarters and printing center in Mörfelden-Walldorf, near Frankfurt/Main, Germany, Hürriyet reached its first readers in Europe in the 1960s with the dawning of Turkish labor migration to the continent. Hürriyet has served Turkish citizens and people of Turkish origin living in Europe for longer than any other domestic based newspaper.

Printed in its modern printing center located within the same complex, Hürriyet has led the way in the Turkish newspaper market in Europe for many years. Hürriyet is also the best known Turkish newspaper brand in Europe and is distributed to nearly 15,000 sales points in Germany and 20,000 sales points across Europe through the Axel-Springer distribution network.

Hürriyet carries out operations outside Turkey under the umbrella of Doğan Media International GmbH, founded in 1999 as Doğan Holding’s gateway to Europe. In addition to its publishing activities, Doğan Media International plays an important role in enhancing the relations of the Doğan Group with the leading media companies in their respective countries, contributes to the development of new business models, and thereby expands the newspaper’s market leadership position in Turkey to Europe.

Supremacy in Journalism

For almost half a century, Hürriyet has been the indispensable news source of the Turkish community in Europe. It has its finger on the pulse of current events by cooperating with important news agencies.  Especially people of Turkish origin living abroad, particularly in Germany, benefit from the information provided by Hürriyet in the fields of daily life, legislation and regulations concerning retirement in the relevant countries. They even may seek consultancy services via experts employed by Hürriyet. Moreover, Hürriyet ardently supports Turkish immigrants’ integration within the host country and supports their participation in social, cultural and political life with various campaigns and events.

Leader in Advertising

Hürriyet is a pioneer in Europe in terms of both publishing and advertising. Hürriyet established a network of advertisers via agencies and plays a crucial role in facilitating the promotion of Turkish companies, as well as helping them to set foot in Europe. Aside from Turkish companies, Hürriyet is also the most important channel of access for German companies to reach consumers of Turkish origin. Merely in Germany, the number of people who recently informed themselves via Hürriyet and Hürriyet Online amounts to over 700,000, according to a study conducted by the GfK in 2014.

Internet Journalism

Serving people of Turkish origin in Europe since the 1960’s, Hürriyet is the first brand to adapt itself to new technology and launch regular Internet journalism in Europe. Inaugurated in 2004, appealed to European Turks of all age categories. At the very beginning of 2014 Hürriyet launched the website which ultimately replaced the website At, readers can obtain news and events of the Turkish community living in Europe, leave comments and share contents via social media. It is perfectly possible to subscribe to Hürriyet and e-paper versions via the website.

In addition, classified ads published in Hürriyet can be monitored online. Companies in Europe can access consumers of Turkish origin via classified ads in Hürriyet and on

The website contains topical news and articles in German.

Subscription and e-Paper

Readers can buy Hürriyet at newsstands and sales points or via subscription. They can also have the newspaper delivered to their homes by mail. European publications also reach the readership via e-paper subscription. This allows readers residing in places where the newspaper is not distributed to read the European publications in an e-paper format.

 Living Together

Hürriyet is the media sponsor of the Foundation for Integration Germany which has been active since 2008. Being realized under the patronage of the Federal chancellor of Germany, Dr. Angela Merkel, and founded with the initiation of the Umbrella Organization of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ), the Foundation for Integration Germany seeks to aid especially young students with migration backgrounds through scholarship campaigns. Hürriyet constantly monitors the campaigns and activities of the foundation, directly informing the Turkish community in Germany about any offers or events. The prestigious annual magazine of the foundation is also printed on the premises of the Hürriyet Printing Facility.

Hürriyet has also participated in the Integration Summit convened for the last five years by Federal Chancellor Dr. Merkel. At this summit, which aims to seek ways of living together peacefully, Hürriyet has served as the voice of people of Turkish descent.

Doğan Media International signed the Charta of Diversity, composed under the auspices of Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel in 2008. Based on the concept of “Diversity as an Opportunity”, the charter aims to safeguard diversity in businesses, support people of foreign origin in the workplace, provide employment opportunities for the disabled to foster cohesion and improve productivity.

Support for Social Campaigns

Through its publications, Hürriyet not only supports its own social campaigns, but also projects organized by various German or Turkish associations in Germany. Dual citizenship, Turkish courses, family reunions and integration are some of the issues discussed at these events. Moreover, foundations such as the Turkish-German Healthcare Foundation, Tema (foundation for nature protection) and Lösev (foundation for children with leukemia) are supported via film festivals, April 23 Children’s Day events and theater festivals organized in various cities, all partly sponsored by Hürriyet. The company also supports Turkish, German or bilingual campaigns against violence, organized by ministries of federal and state governments, municipalities and various private associations; campaigns for the promotion of the German vocational education system to parents and youth, or for drawing the attention of Turkish youngsters to professions such as police work; campaigns for prompting healthy nutrition, environmental protection or heat conservation; campaigns for informing parents and children about addictions to modern media such as TV, internet, mobile phones or computer games.

Hürriyet is an honorary member of the Turkish-German Club which organizes social events and fund-raisers. Hürriyet is also a member of the Turkish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce which provides quality, cost-effective information, professional services and support for businesses.

Hürriyet introduced the No! To Domestic Violence!- campaign in Europe, originally organized in Turkey. Launched in Europe on May 22, 2005, the campaign reached thousands of people via events organized with the cooperation of Turkish-German healthcare donations. This led to the establishment of the first Turkish language emergency hotline in Germany, which aims to help and provide counseling to victims of domestic violence. The campaign was organized under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Maria Böhmer, then Minister of State in the Federal Chancellery and Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration.

Hürriyet Europe was awarded three prizes for the activities carried out in Germany. Its social campaigns received the “Harmony and Tolerance Special Award” from the Capital Berlin Initiative on November 20, 2007 and the “Integration and Tolerance Award” from the Turkish-German Club in Frankfurt on November 24, 2007. The second prize of the ENTERPrise - competition organized by the Ministry of Generations, Family, Women and Integration of Northern Rhine-Westphalia was presented for the “No! to Domestic Violence!”- campaign at a ceremony held on December 12, 2007 in Düsseldorf.

Hürriyet Printing Facility

Doğan Holding’s European branch operates in the printing segment, as well as in publishing. The printing facility, administered as Hürriyet Zweigniederlassung Deutschland, produces 30 publications from four continents in seven languages, printed in four alphabets.

Located in Mörfelden-Walldorf, near Frankfurt/Main, the Doğan Printing Center is one of the largest Turkish investments in Europe. The facility has 15,000  m² of space (covered space: 5,282 m²) and all its printing, pre-press and insert machines are state-of-the-art.

Operating in the pre-press section, there are two AGFA Advantage N-TR CTP lines and one AGFA Polaris XTV CTP line that can produce 200 and 100 plates per hour, respectively.  Two of the lines are connected to Nela VCP 2002 plate punch & bender machines.

The facility includes three GOSS Universal 45 coldset printing presses, each able to print 45,000 cph, or a total of 135,000 cph. The machines feature a state-of-the-art in-feed system, remote ink control functions, a motorized compensator system, automatic registry, and automatic lateral calibration as well as a spray bar system. After the folding process, the copies are hauled out by Müller-Martini Newsgrip conveyors either directly to stackers to make bundles or to newsliners for the insertion process. Up to six different products can be placed as inserts into a printed newspaper with a speed of 32.000 cph. Automatic bundling and loading complete the process.

Aside from providing standard customer services, the printing facilities can apply perfumed ink, print on half cover pages or transducent newsprint and also stick business cards or flyers to cover pages, albeit at a slower pace.

International Newspapers Printed

Equipped with modern  technology, the printing facility prints Hürriyet as well as international financial newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, BILD from Germany, the American daily Stars & Stripes, the German sports newspaper Sport-Welt, the Arabic title Asharq Al-Awsat, the Japanese brands Nikkei, Asahi and Yomiuri, along with Turkish dailies Türkiye and Sözcü. Other periodicals printed are the Polish newspaper Info & Tips, the Chinese title China Daily, the crossword magazine Mega Bulmaca, Nokta for Turkish ex-patriots, along with the German Times, the Asia Pacific Times , New Europe and the Korean Urishinmun, most of them significant sources for opinion makers. Together with these publications, the total number of newspaper copies printed daily amounts to 350,000.

The “Most Successful Printing House”- Award by the Financial Times

Published in 25 different facilities around the world and designated the “World’s Best Economics Newspaper” for many years, the Financial Times described the Hürriyet Printing Center as the most successful printing house from 2007 to 2010. The “Achievement Award” was presented at a ceremony held on December 1, 2010 at the FT Building in London by Greg Zorthian, FT Vice President, to Vuslat Doğan Sabancı, Chairwoman of Hürriyet.