Human Resources Practices


Selecting, Placement and Orientation

The purpose of the Selecting and Placement practices with Hürriyet and its affiliates is to bring in the most qualified employees to our establishment, who shall adopt and perpetuate our corporate culture in accordance with our human resources policy, who feature the training, technical know-how and efficiencies required by the position, and with whom we shall be able create the future.
As the Human Resources team, our basic principle during the selecting and placement process is to treat every candidate fairly and objectively without any discrimination; to afford the candidates, who have the efficiencies required by the job, equal opportunity and the capability to be promoted. In this context, we support our employees’ career opportunities and preferences not only during the selecting and placement process, but also by the internal application system in every point of their career. Our employees are entitled to apply to all ads publisehd in the intranet preferably and can be included in the selecting and placement process.
In order to ensure that the right candidates are placed in the right positions, the efficiency-based interview process is supported by general qualification, personality tests and position-based case works, and during the selecting and placement process the human resources as well as department executives work together.
Our open positions are accessible at the address


In order to ensure that all of our employees, who have newly joined Hürriyet and its affiliates, get acquainted with our corporate mission and vision, objects, operation and procedures, we are organizing orientation programmes every month.
This programme consists of two parts:

• Introduction and information about the function and position,
• The company’s presentation, communicating the company’s vision, strategy and targets.

The introduction and information about the function and position are made by the person’s first executive during the first week of the person’s starting work. During this information, the structure of the department, basic information about the position, the employee’s duty and responsibilities, expectatons from the employee and critical performance factors are communicated.
Whereas the Orientation Training prepared by the Human Resources Directorate is organized in our head office in the last week of each month with the participation of all employees having taken employment that month.

Training and Development Activities (training, seminary, coaching, etc.)

Based on the principle of the “Learning Organization”, we are organizing many internal or external training activities throughout the year in order to increase the knowledge, skill and efficiency level of all of our employees, to generalize information and specializations and to enhance the communication between the teams. Besides, we are affording our employees the opportunity to participate in many domestic and foreign seminaries and conferences, and we are supporting them with coaching and consultancy whenever necessary.



Qualification Management

The basic aim of the qualification management practices with Hürriyet and its affiliates is to bring in qualified persons with high-potential, who are of critical importance in creating competitive advantage, to our company even before their graduation and to train the leaders of the future.
Along with our qualification management programmes for fresh graduates, it is also one of our preferential targets to develop the high-potential persons among our current employees and to prepare them for the leadership roles.

- Internal Reference System (Wanted)

The project Wanted, which consists of 2 parts, i.e. the Internal Reference and the Internal Application, has been prepared in order to bring in high-potential persons to the company, to use our internal resources efficiently and to afford our employees opportunity in the areas where they are able to reveal their potentials.

Freshman Programme: Doğan Talent

The Doğan Talent MT Project, the first of which has been realized by the Doğan Holding in 2012 in order to select and internally train the high-potential new graduates who are capable of becoming a value for our establishments in the future; is conducted throughout companies that are engaged in the fields of media, energy, industry, tourism, finance, real-estate marketing, logistics and retail trade. 
In 2012, 3600 candidate applications have been received in the scope of this project and 34 persons have been placed in various positions within our establishments.

Vocational Training Opportunities

Our establishment affords the opportunity of vocational training to university and high school students throughout the summer and winter terms every year. Our trainees, who have displayed high performance throughout the vocational training, are assessed preferentially during the recruitment process in case of any appropriate position.

​​Social Life

By means of the green space of 30.000 sq.m. situated within the Hürriyet World, our employees are presented with a relaxed working environment far from stress.
Thanks to our gym inside the building, our employees are able to perform their sports activities whenever they wish; they are able to provide for all of their needs through our restaurant, cafeteria, dry-cleaning, boothblack, hairdresser, tailor, bank and postal services conveniently without leaving the company.
By means of the Hürriyet Advantage Card specific for the Hürriyet Group employees, a discount opportunity of up to 50% is presented in more than 100 contracted institutions and establishments.